Historic Hudson







Historic Hudson

Hudson, New York: The Friendly City

Hudson, NY

Hudson is an interesting city just two hours from Manhattan by car or train. There’s an Amtrak station right in town. The population of around 7,500 is comprised of full-time residents and weekenders. There’s a bit of everything in Hudson: rich, poor, gay, straight, black, white and brown. Old and young. Professionals and laborers. Conservatives and liberals. Those who like butter on their popcorn and those who do not.

And what do all these people do? Well, they eat out, for one thing. The Cascades is just one of many fabulous restaurants that line Warren Street. From an outdoor burrito cart to an upscale bistro serving northern Italian fare on its garden patio, Hudson knows food. We’re part of the Hudson Valley, after all. Of course, we’re partial to our own restaurant, The Cascades. It really does have the best sandwiches in town. And maybe the county. And our salads are out of this world. Really. Our soups are to die for.

Hudson’s economy has an interesting history. Whaling, heavy industry, prostitution, manufacturing, banking, you name it. It’s been done here. The current economy is mainly retail, comprised of antique shops, home stores, clothing and jewelry, bookstores and eateries. There are also many fine professionals based here: attorneys, accountants and doctors. Hudson is the County Seat, the county being Columbia. We also have a significant population of artists, performers, designers, and technology types. We call that part our creative economy, but it is still dwarfed by the uncreative part.

We know you will like Hudson if you visit. From Warren Street, it is just a short drive to Olana, the Persian-style home of Hudson River artist Frederic Edwin Church. It is also a short drive to neighboring towns and farm stands and beautiful Lake Taghkanic. But if you want to stay right in Hudson, you won’t even need a car. Just walk from the Amtrak station to our lovely Henry Hudson Waterfront Park. From there, it’s a short walk to Warren Street. See a play. Enjoy an amazing meal. Attend a gallery opening. Listen to music. Live a little.

We even have a cirkus. It’s crazy, we know. But we do.

Here’s another amazing thing about Hudson: we have a small hotel, plus an impressive selection of superb Bed and Breakfasts. They are more like inns, really. Some have flat screen TVs, some have incredible bathrooms with multiple shower heads, some serve world-famous coffee from The Cascades. Visit stayinhudson.com and make a reservation. The B&Bs tend to fill up, especially on weekends, so book early.

So, that’s it. Well, there’s a lot more, really. There’s Tanglewood over in the Berkshires. There’s Clermont and all those other Hudson River Estates. There’s the Hudson Opera House, where there is always something going on. But c’mon. You know how to Bing, right? You can Google. Do some homework. Be creative. For all we know, you just want to hang out and shop and eat and drink. We do that sometimes too. It’s okay.

Hudson’s easy.