The Cascades




About Us

So how did Hudson, New York become home to The Cascades, arguably the best and most popular restaurant on the planet? We thought you’d never ask.

In June of 1988, acclaimed restaurateur Bob Lucke packed up himself, his wife and four-week-old daughter, Anne (now 22 and working in NYC) and drove from their home in Seattle, Washington to their new home in Hudson, New York.

The rest is history.

Well, there is a bit more to the story. Bob’s first restaurant in Hudson was a larger one with a busy bar and banquet business. That made for a hectic home life, as daughter Anne soon found herself with a new baby sister, Candace (now a junior at Cornell). So Bob closed that business and took a job in the restaurant supply business.

Being an entrepreneur at heart, Bob soon began looking for at buildings for sale in Hudson where he could open a new restaurant.  In 1993 he found one to his liking. Bob bought the building and  The Cascades opened in September of 1993 to rave reviews.

It was just the ticket: good food at reasonable prices served by nice people in a pleasant atmosphere. Hudson liked The Cascades and The Cascades liked Hudson. Anne and Candace grew up. They became waitresses during school vacations. The restaurant got busy. The Cascades’ catering business grew. Uncle Barry’s Waffles took off. (Oh wait, that’s a story for a different Website.)

The rest is history.

One more thing: Where did the name come from? Well, Bob is from Seattle, and loves the great northwest with its beautiful mountains, including The Cascades range. He went back for a visit just before opening the restaurant, and discovered a small restaurant on Queen Anne (his old neighborhood) called The Catskills! What’s that? Bob decided then and there to name his new place The Cascades.

And the rest really is history.